Fabrice Hyber’s valley

  • Client Cartier foundation for contemporary art
  • Artist Fabrice Hyber
  • Directors Mika Huard & Karim Happette
  • Exhibition Trees, Shanghai
  • Curator Fei Dawei

Visual artist Fabrice Hyber first began sowing and planting different trees, as an ecological frontier to protect his land from the invasion of neighboring intensive agriculture. But over time it turned into a real forest, with more than 100 000 trees of different species. The forest became a laboratory for the artist, and an ecological art piece.

Beauté Privée

  • Client Beauté Privée
  • Agency Marcel
  • Director Nadia Marquart Olzen
  • DOP Andreas Bjørseth
  • Music Kristoffer Sonne

The intimate and modern immersion into all the little beauty rituals that make us feel better in our skin. The first commercial of the leading cosmetic e-commerce platform, Beauté Privée.


  • Co-produced with Melrose Media
  • Starring Rita Ora
  • Director Beki Mari
  • DOP Martial Schmeltz
  • Light designer Alien, le studio
  • Stylist Karen Langley

Performed in front of a live audience, Rita Ora Live From The Eiffel Tower marks the international critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter’s return to the stage, and follows the star during her show on the three floors of the iconic Parisian tower.

Music Hole

  • Co-produced with Rockstone films & Luc Besson
  • Directors David Mutzenmacher & Gaetan Liekens
  • Release date August 2021 in Belgium
  • Cast Wim Willaert, Vanessa Guide, Marijke Pinoy, Jason Chicandier

An insignificant accountant in a shady cabaret, Francis, has marital issues. After a violent argument with his wife, he discovers a surprise in his freezer.
It’s the macabre starting point of a bloody burlesque thriller, in which we’ll encounter a very Belgian collection of whacky characters and neurosis.


  • Client Gillette
  • Agency Marcel
  • Directors Bastienne, Hadda & Mounib
  • in collaboration with Kourtrajme school & Ladj Ly

This new quest for « masculine perfection »: to resemble the man you are, is expressed through three portraits of men of today, made by three young talents from the Kourtrajmé film school, in collaboration with Ladj Ly.

Gold Grand Prize « Stratégies de l’Influence ».
Gold Prize in the Consumer category of the Brand Content Grand Prix.

Acqua di Gioia

  • Client Giorgio Armani
  • Starring Barbara Palvin
  • Art Director Marc Ascoli
  • Director Stephanie Di Giusto
  • DOP Axel Cosnefroy

Acqua di Gio

  • Client Giorgio Armani
  • Project Powerwithin
  • Director Sebastian Vargas
  • DOP Axel Cosnefroy
  • Music Joakim Bouaziz

Le Rouge

  • Client Givenchy
  • Director Marie Schuller
  • Agency DDB Luxe
  • DOP Nicolas Loir
  • Music Kiat

Sky di Gioia

  • Client Giorgio Armani
  • Starring Barbara Palvin
  • Art Director Marc Ascoli
  • Director Kevin Frilet
  • DOP Alex Lamarque
  • Music Toys

Rouge & Noir Interdit

  • Client Givenchy
  • Director Antoine Asseraf
  • Agency DDB Luxe
  • DOP Julien Meurice
  • Music Benzene – Giacomo Lecchi d’Alessandro

Full Injection Yaz Bukey

  • Client Yaz Bukey
  • Show Choregrapher Aymerick Bergada du Cadet
  • Film director Mathieu Brelière
  • DOP Alex Lamarque
  • Post prod Small

Acqua di Gioia

  • Client Georgio Armani
  • DA Marc Ascoli
  • Director Kevin Frilet
  • DOP Axel Cosnefroy